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DSR’s values clearly align with Daily Fresh, and we share a vision of developing Malaysia’s upstream-to-downstream durian market. We are confident that this partnership will bear fruit, combining DSR’s experience in durian orchard management and reliable supply of authentic Raub Musang King durians with Daily Fresh product development expertise and nationwide network.

All products produced by Daily Fresh are Halal certified by JAKIM and it is also an ISO 22000:2005, GMP and HACCP certified company with strict monitoring procedures on various aspects of food quality and safety standards, ensuring to deliver superior quality products to consumers. 


Daily fresh

Daily Fresh is a proudly home grown, having amassed over 20 years of experience in manufacturing grew leaps and bounds to increase its footprint to include over 1,600 franchise retail outlets in 16 countries including Malaysia.


DSR MyGap Certifications

DSR has been awarded MyGap certifications for 65 acres of fully matured Musang King Durian orchards.

The MyGAP certification is a testimony and recognition of our ability to operate our plantations in compliance strict phytosanitary guidelines.

MyGAP certification is also a prerequisite requirement for the exportation of our DSR durians to overseas markets.


Recognising the immense potential in the downstream durian products market, DSR Daily Fresh spent countless hours in R&D to perfect the flavour and texture of the D.MasKing’s durian specialty products. 


DSR engages with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries to implement smart farming and Internet of Things in an effort to better monitor the crops’ health, trace origins of durians and maintain the fertility of land. Furthermore, with the adoption of Industry 4.0 (IR4.0), DSR would be able to capitalise on the Internet of Thing (IoT) and Big Data Analytics (BDA) in presenting an integrated durian orchard management system to monitor the entire upstream and downstream activities. DSR is in talks with SIRIM Tech Venture to establish an efficient waste management system in its orchards


DSR Musang King Standard


DSR is proud to be able to offer Export-Grade Raub Musang King durian in a variety of forms. This include:

Fresh Durians

Straight from our own orchards to the customers, we offer a booking service that allows retail, corporate or oversea to get the best export-grade Raub Musang King durians picked daily and delivered straight to your doorstep.

All Year Long
Export Grade Durian Pulps

To ensure an all-year supply, our export grade frozen durian pulps are packaged in our HALAL, ISO and HACCP factory.

Durian Paste

DSR produces its own Raub Musang King durian paste which can be used household or commercially to create other forms of durian based products.

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