DSR Fruit And Daily Fresh Inks Partnership Agreement To Commercialise Durian-Based Products Worldwide

Musang King durian player (DSR Fruits) and Daily Fresh has signed a partnership to make downstream durian-based products accessible to the Malaysian market through Daily Fresh’s franchise network.

The partnership looks to develop durian products made from DSR authentic Musang King durian and to be sold across 1,600 Daily Fresh retail outlets across 16 countries including Malaysia.

Through DSR constant innovative confectionary knowledge, the immediate focus of the collaboration is to bring durian-based products accessible and palatable to the Malaysian tastebuds with a distinct taste of fresh Musang King and scale it globally.

DSR and Daily Fresh will exclusively cover products such as durian truffle popcorn, Musang King gelato, puffs, croissants tarts and more. These items will be available in the Daily Fresh kiosks in Malaysia starting early April this year.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, DSR Co-founder Ng Lian Poh said “With this partnership, DSR has fully integrated durian players nationwide to be involved at every step of the process.”

Meanwhile, Chay Hong Choong, Managing Director of Daily Fresh said the partnership is possibly the first in Malaysia to franchise durian-based products through kiosks. “Through DSR’s extensive durian knowledge on retailing and product management, we foresee that Malaysian durians will have wider reach and be more recognisable,” he said.

Additionally, the partnership aims to ensure the security for durian farmers and support the supply chain.

“Developing the durian-based products will not only give recognition to Raub’s Musang King but also to sustain farmer earnings during off season and ensure they are well supported,” he added.

Source: Business Today