DSR aims to position D.MasKing as National Brand with Musang King Durians as the National Icon and Treasure, The Malaysian Pride and Proud to Represent Malaysia Into the International Market

In April 2021, we have launched our first D.MasKing flagship store in Bentong, Pahang, followed by Klang Valley Flagship store at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur in December 2021. D.MasKing Kulai, Johor in November 2022. D.MasKing Phnom Penh, Cambodia in January 2023 outlets enhances DSR as the first integrated Orchard to Consumer Durian Company in Malaysia with the development of DSR Musang King Integrated Tracking System with SIRIM STV and also DSR has been awarded MyGap certifications for 65 acres of fully matured Musang King Durian orchards.


Under the brand name of D.MasKing, DSR is proud to be able to offer Export-Grade Raub Musang King durian in a variety of forms. This include:

Fresh Durians

Straight from our own orchards to the customers, we offer a booking service that allows retail, corporate or oversea to get the best export-grade Raub Musang King durians picked daily and delivered straight to your doorstep.

All Year Long Export Grade Durian Pulps

To ensure an all-year supply, our export grade frozen durian pulps are packaged in our HALAL, ISO and HACCP factory.

Durian Paste

DSR produces its own Raub Musang King durian paste which can be used household or commercially to create other forms of durian based products.
dsr standard musang king durian


dsr standard musang king durian



Fresh Durians to wholesalers, corporate, commercial and private events. Customers will pre-order our durians and we will arrange the durians to be delivered to their locations on a pre-agreed time. We are able to deliver whole fruits or pre-pack in Vacuum Sealed packaging.