The DSR Group

DSR (Durian Sudah Runtuh) Group is a durian orchard that spans across Bentong & Raub. It is part of a grand vision to promote one of Malaysia’s national delicacies, the durian, into the international stage. However, like the durian trees in their orchard, they have seen great growth and profitability due to the rising expected demand of Musang King Durian from Raub, Malaysia in the various local and international markets. As such the DSR Group now comprises of up to 5 different businesses, each supported by the growth of the orchard and the boundless opportunities it brings.


DSR has a primary retail shop located at Kota Kemuning in which we sell our Raub Musang King Durians and other durian products. Customers can not only choose some of our export grade durians but also have them cut opened and served freshly to your table. We also showcase some of our other durian products such as durian gift boxes and durian cendol


An idyllic home surrounded by a 3.5 acres durian orchard awaits you at DSR Durian Farm Stay at Raub Kampung Tras. Don’t just find peace, embrace it as the luscious green scenery fills you with the smell of fruits and vegetables. Hear the tranquil sounds of mother nature as you unwind to a breath of fresh air, everywhere you go!

Orchard Management

As a certified MyGap orchard, DSR has a team of Agro Masters who are professionals in creating durian orchard management systems.


DSR will be creating of the few special durian cafe’s in Malaysia. While most people love to eat durian as it is, the durian fruit itself can be made into many wondrous forms of desserts, drinks and confectionery. This durian infused flavourful recipes will come with a complimentary range of foods and beverages. DSR’s orchard will supply fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs straight from farm to the cafe kitchen.

Buy Online

DSR’s online shop will have all of DSR’s durians, premium durian gift box and various products on sale here. You can shop for DSR’s Raub famous Musang King durians or our pure durian paste at the comfort of your own home soon. We will offer durian delivery across Klang Valley.

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As DSR Group continues to grow, it will look towards improving its Durian Orchard Management system by incorporating cutting edge analytics to improve yield efficiency. With over 100 years of agricultural experience from our ancestors, we hope to pass on this agricultural wisdom and adoption of farming technology continue promoting sustainable environmental orchard management for the younger generation.

Looking to start your own durian plantation or buy some of our amazing Raub Musang King durians or durian products?