DSR Taiko Berhad

DSR stands for ‘Durian Sudah Runtuh’ –literally denoting a ripe durian and a Malay euphemism for windfall earnings. Established in 2017 as a small durian orchard of 3.4 acres in Raub, Pahang. In just a few years, DSR expanded its durian plantation to encompass over 2,000 durian trees, of which majority are authentic Raub Musang King durians. DSR is also experienced in durian orchard management and production of downstream durian products.

Our Vision

Because we believe that Origin Matters, our Musang King durians are from Raub, Pahang, and widely known to be one of the highest quality durians in terms of consistency in taste and texture.

Our Mission

The launch of D’MasKing flagship store fulfils our goal of becoming the first integrated orchard-to-market durian player in Malaysia and we aim to expand our market by increasing the number of stores to major cities nationwide.

D - 0021


This partnership between Daily Fresh Food Group allows Malaysia’s king of fruits to be enjoyed by all fresh, on-demand, and by trusted brands. DSR Daily Fresh intends to establish a Musang King-based product pipeline on top of its fresh fruit supply, so that to gain sustainable income year-round and not just during the season.

Expo 2020 Dubai

DSR has been invited as part of the Malaysian Pavilion at World Expo to be held in Dubai early 2022. As proud Malaysians, it is our responsibility to showcase the unique and distinct Malaysian Musang King durians onto the global stage

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Coming Soon!

DSR’s online shop will have all of DSR’s durians, premium durian gift box and various products on sale here. You can shop for DSR’s Raub famous Musang King durians or our pure durian paste at the comfort of your own home soon. 

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As DSR Group continues to grow, it will look towards improving its Durian Orchard Management system by incorporating cutting edge analytics to improve yield efficiency. With over 100 years of agricultural experience from our ancestors, we hope to pass on this agricultural wisdom and adoption of farming technology continue promoting sustainable environmental orchard management for the younger generation.