DSR - D.MasKing Creamy Seedless D24 Pulp – 100% Authentic Raub D24 Durian Flesh

Origin Matters! Premium D24 from DSR TAIKO BERHAD’s own well matured and earthy aroma of the tropical rainforest orchards in Raub and Bentong Pahang under the brand name of D.MasKing. Durian D24 which is also known as Durian Sultan is one of the most popular durian clone in Malaysia. D24 durian is still one of the most sought after in Malaysia, definitely a contender to the King of Fruits.

D.MasKing creamy seedless D24 pulp can be used household or commercially to create other forms of durian-based products. They are freshly frozen in vacuumed sealed in 1kg pack


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