D.MasKing Combo 4 - Premium Musang King Gelato 400ml (Halal), Durian Truffle Popcorn & Musang King Durian Pandan Kaya

The Ultimate Durian Combo!! A combination of all  Stars…great for those who wants to try all our Durian delicacies i.e. Premium Musang King Gelato, a finely crafted premium gelato. Also a feel good snack, Durian Popcorn with Truffle… Plus Musang King Durian Pandan Kaya! All infused with the 100% Authentic Durian (Raub Musang King) goodness from our own DSR durian orchard!


Crafted by durian lovers, for durian lovers because – we know that just one season of this beloved local delicacy is never enough.


What’s in the Combo?

1 x Bottle of Musang King Durian Pandan Kaya- 200gm

1 x Packet of Durian Truffle Popcorn – 150gm

1 x Tub of Premium Musang King Gelato (Halal)- 400ml, made with 100% Authentic Musang King Durian paste (Raub Musang King) from our own DSR durian orchard!

Weight 0.75 kg

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